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“Be patient, give it time. I have been getting adjustments for a year now, I came to Dr. Buhay for lower back pain and stiffness. With regular adjustments and exercise, things have improved, but I’m not “cured”. At 71 years of age, I have to accept I’m not 50 anymore. I’ve had back problems since I was 30, back then they weren’t that bad, and with activity I could live with them. But now, age takes it’s toll and more targeted exercise and adjustments are needed. Dr. Buhay took the time to analyze my specific issues and come up with solutions. I get regular adjustments and am happy with the results.”

Kenneth O., May 20, 2019

“Very positive experience! I used to dislike chiropractic, but my mind changed when I got treatments from Dr. Buhay! He helped me with everything I needed! Professional and mindful.”

– Sophie J., May 6, 2019

“Dr. Buhay is great!”

Brenda C., May 6, 2019

“5 Stars! Dr. Buhay has helped me recuperate and heal from a car accident. His demeanor and specialized knowledge of the human body is wonderful. I would recommend him to anyone suffering with pain or an injury. He really knows what he’s doing! Thank you Jeremy!”

Pam W., April 22, 2019

“I continue to enjoy the patience that Dr. Buhay provides through my visits and always look forward to the wellness tips that he provides.”

Tom K., April 8, 2019

“I have always lead a very active life. Sports and my line of work, working with horses my whole life,  have endured many injuries, aches and pains. I have never looked after myself physically, emotionally or spiritually. My experience with both Mars and Dr. Buhay have helped me tremendously with all three of those aspects and I must thank them and be grateful for their massive role in my newfound health and wellness.”

Harley L., March 29, 2019

“My left arm felt like a large powerful snake was squeezing it, causing me to worry about some serious diseases. Dr. Buhay made that pain python disappear in two treatments! It was just referred pain from the neck. Whew! Once again, good chiropractic saved the day. I refer anyone in pain to Jeremy.”

Eva V.L., March 29, 2019

“Had back and neck problems. Chiropractic helps big time.”

Corinna L., March 29, 2019

“I began seeing Dr. Buhay in Oct 2018. A truly satisfied patient recommended him to me. She sensed my pain and frustration dealing with tibialis posterior tendonitis. I was tentative on the initial visit. Dr. Buhay explained to me how your nervous system controls everything. He presented me with a Road to Recovery plan. Included in the plan were my exam findings and recommendations for care. He made it very clear to me that if this plan were to work I must make a commitment and do my part. At this point I have to say that I completely believe in and trust Dr. Buhay’s approach. Initially wondered how all of this had anything to do with my issues. I now see how it has everything to do with it. My pain, which was so intense that it interrupted my sleep, has nearly subsided. It returns occasionally only if I am not doing my part, as listed in the Plan.”

Leona J., December 9, 2018

“For two and a half years, I suffered first with a frozen shoulder and then with one did not heal right. I tried every solution, nothing helped. Especially with the pain at night. Then Dr. Buhay was suggested to me. I am so pleased to say, I have no more pain day or night. I tell him I could kiss him!! You have no idea how much of a relief this is. I would recommend his expertise to anyone suffering with body problems.”

Pamela H., November 28, 2018

“Dr. Jeremy Buhay and the staff at Marine Chiropractic and Wellness are amazing!! The treatments I receive are done in a gentle, caring way and have helped me immensely. Dr. Buhay took the time to teach me about how importatnt proper alignment is, how it affects the entire nervous system and when our bodies are out of alignment (some of us for years) the different health issues that can arise from it. Very interesting stuff!!”

Jeanette R., November 20, 2018

“I had been having issues with my neck and one day I had woken up with feeling so stiff and crooked I was told to go to Dr. Buhay by my husband. Sure enough he did some adjustments and within that first treatment I felt better. I actually felt the room was brighter and my vision had gotten better. Since then I have worked on my posture and continue to be aware and mindful of my body and the way I feel. Dr. Buhay has done great work with me and I am thankful for his Chiropractic Services. He has helped me recover and continues to re-adjust me as I need it. Thanks Jeremy for your magic work. I appreciate it so much!”

Giselle R., September 7, 2018

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