Foot orthotics are inserts that go in to your shoes and are custom-made to prescribed specifications.  Dr. Buhay can assess you to see if orthotics would be the right fit for you, we have a state of the art 3D Laser scanner right here in the clinic and can order them for you!

We offer a very unique kind of orthotic called the Peak Dynamic Rehab Orthotic. These rare types of orthotics are of a higher quality and more effective than the prefabricated orthotics you can buy in the store “off the shelf”, and are superior to even other kinds of custom made orthotics! This particular device focuses on activating the flexor muscle group through gait. This creates a stronger foot, as opposed to just supporting the arch, like other orthotic devices.

It’s function is to stabilize the rear foot to slow down the pronation of the subtalar joint, from heel strike to mid stance. It then provides substantial forefoot mobility to challenge both extrinsic and intrinsic flexors, from mid stance to toe off.

The Peak Dynamic Rehab Orthotic has proven effective by helping to cure many foot conditions such as; Plantar Fasciitis, Patellofemoral Syndrome, Achilles Tendonitis to name a few. This device is the sustainable approach to custom orthotic treatment.

More benefits of using these custom-made foot orthotics include the following:

  • Pain reduction in the feet and lower back, by providing support
  • Correction of abnormal gait or walking pattern
  • Prevent or protect against deformities of the foot getting worse
  • Improved foot alignment and the overall mechanics of the feet and lower extremities
  • Relieves pressure on certain areas of the foot

Most extended health benefit plans cover orthotics, check with your provider for details.